The 2022 New Plant Forum will be presented during the IPPS Eastern Region Annual Conference on September 30, 2022. This long-standing popular program has introduced many underused, new selections, and new releases. Attendees share their knowledge of cool, unique, new or underused plants they have seen while exploring gardens/arboreta, while growing, designing with, or selling these plants. This can either be a new introduction, or an existing cultivar or species which you feel is under-appreciated and to which you wish to draw attention. 

DO I NEED TO ATTEND TO SHARE A PLANT? If you are unable to attend, but still wish to contribute, someone will present your plant for you. 

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? There is no fee to share your plant, however this opportunity should not be used as a commercial. 

HOW MANY PLANTS CAN BE PRESENTED? A presenter may discuss a maximum of three (3) plants and a company is limited to a total of three (3) plants. Up to five (5) minutes will be allotted per presenter. Space is limited to the first 12 presenters/companies. Registration will be based in order of the receipt of all materials, including: plant descriptions, photo, power point slide, and payment (if applicable.) A registration is incomplete until all are received.

WHAT IS THE DEADLINE? Submissions are due by Monday, September 12, 2022. Acceptance of an application after September 12, is tentative.


1. Register Online Below. (You may return to your account and alter your new plant information until September 12.)

2. Upload up to three digital photos of the plant. Please clearly label each digital image.

3. Arrive a few minutes early to the presentation on September 30. Then, dish the details on your awesome new  or underused plant!

QUESTIONS? Contact Todd West, moderator of the New Plant Forum.


Please share up to 3 photos of each plant. Upload here or email Up to 3 Photos of Plants can be uploaded here or email Todd West.

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